“Giant on Campus” story for Williston Northampton’s Bulletin


I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview and profile a former teacher for Williston Northampton school’s Bulletin alumni publication. I met Al Shaler, a man who is both fascinating and fascinated with life, after living so much of it. Here’s the article that came out in this spring’s issue: http://issuu.com/williston/docs/013r1wns_bulletin_spring2013/15?e=2025745/3012238


Brattleboro’s Yucatec Cuisine

I met Mucuy Bolles, co-owner and chef at Three Stones Mayan Mexican Restaurant in Brattleboro, through the dance community in the region (I am a dancer as well). It’s hard to believe that someone can be so good at two things, simultaneously – but she is. Mucuy enjoyed a long modern dance career, and now cooks incredible Mexican Mayan food at her restaurant, owned with her husband Christian Makay. Lucky for me, she’s also sweet, funny, and quick to share her amazing family heritage. You can read my Advocate article on her restaurant here.

The Middle of Nowhere

One of my favorite things to do in our area is drive down the gorgeous back roads and discover amazing places to eat or drink. The Gill Tavern would rank high on my list of fun destination restaurants even if the food weren’t good, but it is! We’ve got to get there more this winter for cozy bar time…

Here’s my article in Preview Massachusetts on this yummy spot.

Emus Are Good For You

I was so excited after my visit to the local Songline Emu Farm in nearby Gill, MA this past summer. I couldn’t stop talking about the strange sound the birds made, or the way their heads bobble around backward atop their necks. And yet, I didn’t post the article when it came out a few weeks ago. How quickly my enthusiasm fades. Anyway, go ahead and take a look – they’re fascinating creatures.

Tibetan Stonemason

I’d been following the Tibetan community in my region for at least a year and a half when Preview decided they’d like an article about one of my contacts, Tibetan stonemason Sonam Lama. He is one of the leaders of the community here in the Pioneer Valley. I’ve been researching and interviewing local Tibetans for several other story leads that tend to be more political and controversial, but I was pleased to be able to profile Sonam’s craftsmanship in this way. Here’s the article, and I’ve put some shots of the layout below, since it looked great and had a cover shot in the magazine, too.

La Republica Dominica

I was excited to be able to write about my recent adventure to the Dominican Republic – our honeymoon – as a last minute feature for Preview Magazine. The printed version has a great layout with 7-8 of my photos, but this link only has one photo incorporated. Here’s a shot of the cover page to give an idea of the nice layout they did. Enjoy!

Dominican Republic Travel Article, Preview Magazine May 2012

Fish Empire

We have a strange claim to fame in our area: the world’s largest producer of barramundi fish resides in the land-locked town of  nearby Turner’s Falls. The story, found in the Valley Advocate, has lots of connections to our region, though: an effort to make more healthy, sustainable food sources, all organized by a Hampshire graduate.

Building a Connection

I also had the pleasure of meeting Jo Roessler and touring his magnificent Easthampton studio in a refurbished movie theater. He makes gorgeous furniture for clients nationwide. The article appeared in Preview Magazine.

This Carpenter’s Way

I had the pleasure of meeting a very dedicated carpenter who lives near me in Western Massachusetts. In the article that I wrote for Preview Magazine, you can find out more about Chris Hall. He’s a self taught guru of Asian carpentry and architectural drawing. This spotlight on his work and life reveals a dedicated worker with an obsession for detail.


I visited Sidney Chang in South Deerfield to tour his giant sprouts facility. Read the article here for the full account of this small business owner’s sprouting ambitions!