Radical Victorian Artist Marianne North


I wrote an article on an unusual gallery I visited at Kew Gardens last fall. Marianne North was a radical single woman who traveled the world in the late 1800s while painting a wide variety of plant specimens. Her collection is made up of hundreds of small botanical paintings displayed edge to edge in a gallery she designed herself. Here’s my article, for the wondrous Atlas Obscura.

Brattleboro’s Yucatec Cuisine

I met Mucuy Bolles, co-owner and chef at Three Stones Mayan Mexican Restaurant in Brattleboro, through the dance community in the region (I am a dancer as well). It’s hard to believe that someone can be so good at two things, simultaneously – but she is. Mucuy enjoyed a long modern dance career, and now cooks incredible Mexican Mayan food at her restaurant, owned with her husband Christian Makay. Lucky for me, she’s also sweet, funny, and quick to share her amazing family heritage. You can read my Advocate article on her restaurant here.

A new Android app has great potential for tourists – and writers!

This is a bit belated, but I realized I hadn’t posted about my end-of-summer project. I had the great opportunity to learn about Boston’s Harbor Islands and the North End for the fabulous website Atlas Obscura, co-created by a friend and fellow Bennington College alum Dylan Thuras.

It turned out that AO had been hired by Google to produce data sets of weird, unusual facts for six cities around the country for the launch of Google’s new app, Field Trip (you can find a review here). On September 29, adventurers explored six cities with the app on the first annual Field Trip Day. I’ve given you the link for the North End set that I worked on; none of the entries can be found outside of the app. (They didn’t end up using the Harbor Islands set because it would be too difficult to access all of the sites in one day).

I had a blast taking photos and compiling quirky facts and GPS coordinates for this project, and look forward to more work with them. Here’s one of my shots of the lovely Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, Boston’s second oldest cemetery and home to the graves of many of its most infamous residents.

Copps Hill Burying Ground North End Boston

The Middle of Nowhere

One of my favorite things to do in our area is drive down the gorgeous back roads and discover amazing places to eat or drink. The Gill Tavern would rank high on my list of fun destination restaurants even if the food weren’t good, but it is! We’ve got to get there more this winter for cozy bar time…

Here’s my article in Preview Massachusetts on this yummy spot.

La Republica Dominica

I was excited to be able to write about my recent adventure to the Dominican Republic – our honeymoon – as a last minute feature for Preview Magazine. The printed version has a great layout with 7-8 of my photos, but this link only has one photo incorporated. Here’s a shot of the cover page to give an idea of the nice layout they did. Enjoy!

Dominican Republic Travel Article, Preview Magazine May 2012